Your Lips Could Tell People More About Your Personality


Did you know that the shape of your lips can be used to reveal something about your personality? Lipsologist Anna Snodgrass listed some characteristics that correspond to different lip shapes. See the list below.

If you have full lips like Angelina Jolie, chances are you are helpful, empathic, confident, irresistible and courageous. However, you could also be immature at times but still, you have a nurturing and compassionate spirit that will make people like you.

If your lips are bow-shaped like Hayden Panettiere, Snodgrass’ list suggest that you are independent, expressive, liberated, fearless and seductive. But, you can also get sensitive sometimes.

Next, if you have lips like Scarlet Johansson that’s downward-turned, you could be picky, astute, quick-witted and thoughtful. There are times when you might also be withdrawn, quiet and become mysterious in some situations.


Moreover, those who have wide lips similar to Julia Roberts’, you are believed to be optimistic, talented, perfectionist, sociable and lively. The same cannot be said to those who have thin lips like Cara Delevingne.

If you have those, you could be antisocial and shy. However, you are also independent like those with bow-shaped lips and you tend to be classy and ambitious too. Nothing wrong with class and ambition!

Lastly, if you have round lips like Drew Barrymore, you are said to be flirtatious, rebellious, adventurous, charismatic, confident and strong. Just like the others, you are also sociable and easy on the eyes.

There you have it! Please be reminded, however, that this is in no way proven and accurate for everybody. This just serves as a guide.

That said, you might find yourself different from the description given in the list. That’s normal. We are who we are and our personality is influenced by several factors such as family and environment not merely by the shape of our lips.

But this Lipsology findings is still interesting. So, share it to your friends. They might like it too!


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