You Have Been Eating Insects The Whole Time


Eating bugs is not so bad at all, according to research. It looks to be a really good thing actually. If you ask me though it doesn’t sound appetizing at all.

Anthropologist Julie Lesnik said that entomophagy or the ingestion of insects could promote brain growth, reportedly. Also, insects are a good sources of protein. The kicker is they are actually present in most of the food you consume every day!

Insects such as bugs, crickets and aphids are everywhere and there is a huge possibility for you to ingest some of them unconsciously. Don’t worry though as studies claimed that minimal amounts of insect consumption won’t endanger your health. In fact, eating insects have many health benefits too!

If you still don’t believe that you can actually benefit from eating insects, reports show that dried crickets are composed of around 60 percent protein. That is a huge percentage! In addition, it is contains higher levels of calcium than milk! What?!


For these reasons and more, crickets have been made into different food products that are sold across the United States. Moreover, people from different parts of the world outside the U.S. have been eating insects such as crickets long before it became commercially available. Can you believe that?

It is one thing to knowingly eat cricket flour example. What’s more interesting is the presence of many other kinds of insects in your daily food and beverages without you having any idea about it. Your wine, for example, contain stink bugs in minimal amounts. I feel less snobby drinking a good wine now that I know.

Even the FDA is aware that such bugs exists in wines and other foods. They still approve them for consumption because there is actually no food products that are free from insects or naturally occurring defects. Ugh!!

It is important to note, however, that FDA has placed regulations and screening processes to ensure that food remains safe and not filled with undesirable components such as insects. So, there is less worries as long as your food is FDA approved, at least.

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