Why Women Won’t Date A Short Guy


Would you date a short guy? In a YouTube video by Kama TV, it was revealed that not all women are willing to date a man shorter than their height. Here is why.

It’s Not Comfy To Look Like A Giant

Walking on the streets with a man shorter than you will definitely make you look taller. And not all single ladies feel comfortable looking like a giant.

Apparently, it makes them feel more masculine than the guy. One lady even said that looking more manly than your date is a turn-off.


For a Change

Some girls are short. A lot of men would naturally be taller than them.

So why date a short guy when you can go with a taller man? Maybe it’s better to date taller ones for a change!

They Don’t Feel More Protected

As mentioned above, dating a short guy lets a woman feel more masculine. And so, they don’t feel secure.

Women want to feel protected. Dating a short guy doesn’t give them that feeling, unfortunately.

They Can’t Feel Feminine

Again, being with a short man makes a woman feel more manly than her date. They feel bigger and heavier. No girl would like that, do you agree?

Girls love to be girls. They like to act feminine because that’s what they are. If dating a short guy deprives them that feeling, then some women would not really prefer to be with one.

It’s Not Pretty

One woman claimed that looking a lot higher than her date is not pretty. She imagined herself walking with a short man and she really didn’t like the idea. For her, being with a guy shorter than her is really a “no no.”

Some women, however, doesn’t consider height as a qualification in dating a man. There were ladies who were willing to date shorter men. They judge guys based on their qualities and personalities. But should height really be an issue between two people who want to date?

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