Woman Surprised To See Her Lost Dog Return But Still Had It Adopted


Luckily, someone called the assistance of Hope for Paws. It was one of the best decisions they made to help the dog. The guys from the rescue organization  didn’t easily give up on Edna. They knew the dog was very scared and hungry so they used effective techniques to get her trust. And what better way to calm a hungry dog than to give it food, right?

Because the poor canine was really hungry, she cannot contain her screaming stomach. With that, she came near the food, giving the rescuers an opportunity to put a leash on the dog gently.

Hope for Paws then brought Edna to a veterinarian to have her checked. They discovered that Edna had a microchip which gave details of her owner. It was then found out that Edna’s owner gave her away because she was no longer able to take care of the dog. 


Lost Dog’s Real Owner Thought She Died, Surprised To See Her Return But Chose To Have Her Adopted

After further investigation, they learned that the person who adopted Edna from her real owner said that the dog had already died. Little the original master knew that the pup was just out there, trapped in an unknown place with no one to care for her.

The news of Edna’s death saddened the former owner but she claimed she just went on with her life. There’s no other way but to move on. That’s why she was delighted to have heard the news that her furbaby is still alive.

Though the owner was very happy to know about Edna being alive, she still cannot take the dog back. She cannot provide the care the pup needs so Edna was put to adoption. But luckily, she was adopted by a new loving family not long enough.

Edna now lives with a family who cares and loves her so much. There’s no doubt about that as the old fearful dog has become a playful pup that’s no longer scared of people and looking healthy as ever.


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