Woman Wonders Why Husband Doesn’t Like Her New Dog


What would you do if your spouse sent you a message telling that he (or she) finally adopted a pet? What if the pet was a dog? What if that dog wasn’t what you expected? Well, let me share you a story of a wife and a husband arguing about the woman’s newly found dog.

But it appears that the man is not very pleased to see the animal inside the house. Especially when the wife put their baby beside it. The story is hilarious so you must go over the screenshots of their conversation below.

Wife sent husband a picture of new pet and their son

This funny conversation between Justin Bogh and Kayla Ebi began when the latter sent her husband a picture of their child and an animal beside him. In her message, she told the husband that she found a dog outside so she kept it in.

Husband shocked at the picture of coyote
Husband shocked at the picture of new “pet” dog

See the guy’s reaction? I am sure he was definitely not happy about what his wife did! But why? Need I say more?

Justin explains it's not a coyote
Justin explains it’s not a coyote

In this message, Justin explained that the animal in the image is not a dog! It’s a coyote, obviously. But Kayla was making her stand here. Of course, she knows the difference between a dog and coyote! 

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