What’s Wrong In Living With In-Laws After Getting Married?


But Anthony is one lucky guy! According to him, he developed a good relationship with his wife’s parents. Ramsey acknowledged that thought but still, there’s a tendency for their relationship to change when they live together under the same roof.

However, even if things get worse in the next few months, the motivational speaker believed that clearing the outstanding bills is still worth it because it’s the “shortest and meaningful path to wealth and homeownership.” Maybe what Ramsey means to say is at the end of the road, Anthony and his wife will learn more things about life even if his plan wouldn’t work well.

And since he was able to “power save” during the process, they might get their own house sooner, so it’s still a win-win situation. What can you say?


Ramsey also discussed how it feels for a parent to live with his in-laws and he has not done it, actually. He said he loves his children and grandkids, of course, but he didn’t entertain the idea of living with them now that their adults.

Why do you think some parents are against the idea of living with their daughter or son’s partner? Is it about jealousy, privacy or selfishness? It’s actually a broad concept and every situation is unique so one can say for sure.

However, it’s not wrong to live with your partner’s parents if it’s the only way for you guys to “power save.” Don’t push your financial capacity by living with more debts as it might compromise your other important needs in the future.

But this advice doesn’t apply to all, of course. We are speaking in general here. However, for whatever it takes, do what you can when you can. What you do today is what you’ll reap in the future.

So, take the opportunities you have while you can have it!

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