What’s Wrong In Living With In-Laws After Getting Married?


Some people think that it’s wrong or it’s not okay to live with parents after getting married. Yet, a caller on a YouTube channel “The Dave Ramsey Show” appears to appreciate the idea of temporarily sharing a house with the in-laws to “power save.”

“Power saving.” That’s what a man named Anthony from Detroit, Michigan refers to what he wants to accomplish in the next few months. It means focusing on saving and maximizing his opportunities to save. And he would be successful in doing so if he temporarily lives with his in-laws.

As per the Detroit-based caller, he wants to “power save” for a downpayment on a new house. Apparently, he and his wife sold their old home and received a proceed of $55,000.

However, they still owe about $52,000 of debts. That said, Anthony needed an advice whether it’s better to use the equity of their old house to pay for the debts and live temporarily with his wife’s family. Or use the money as a downpayment on a new home instead.


Anthony’s dilemma is quite interesting. Dave Ramsey, an American businessman, radio host and a trusted motivational speaker, understood his reasons and thought that the best idea is to clear their debts using the available funds.

Ramsey also agreed that it’s fine to stay at the in-laws’ property. Especially if Anthony can live with them peacefully and with no troubles or arguments. A tough one for most people and their in-laws. This decision would free himself from debts and may allow him to “power save” for his own home real quick.

According to the radio host, it’s better to use the money to pay for the debts rather than buying something that he couldn’t pay for right now. But what if his decision went not too smooth and he ended up ruining his relationships with his in-laws?

This question pops up every time couples decide to live with either of their families after the wedding. Not all newlyweds are in a situation where in-laws are very welcoming and giving to their son or daughter’s partner.

Because of this, not all couples consider living with their in-laws. Even if they end up full of debts. Some of the newlyweds’ fights are even due to misunderstandings with the other half’s families.

It’s common for married couples to have disagreements with in-laws. More so when they have kids. Do you agree?

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