He Went To A Doctor For Pain Cure But Surgeon Removed The Wrong Testicle!


Becoming a doctor takes a lot of hard work and long years of studies. Physicians commonly spend approximately 14 to 16 years in college, practicing, and completing the Residency Program.

Not to mention, they still have to pass the licensure testing before they can obtain a medical license. Quite a long process, don’t you think?

But all the sleepless nights, hectic afternoons, and tiring mornings pay off when you finally become a licensed physician. You get to practice your chosen profession while being able to help those who need healthcare assistance.

And I shouldn’t forget to mention, they get paid pretty well. Being a doctor is one of the most fulfilling careers, I must say.


However, there’s a vital reason why they have to study and train longer than the others. They are doctors. People go to them in the hope of getting treatment for different kinds of diseases. It is of high importance that they do the best they can to diagnose each patient properly and give the right medication.

Moreover, it is their responsibility to ensure the safety of their patients. The job they chose has no room for faulty diagnosis and treatments. They should never misdiagnose or prescribe the wrong medications to people. In short, everyone expects them not to make a mistake.

Treating a patient is like holding his (or her) life in your own hands. One careless mistake may result in unimaginable adverse effects or consequences. Therefore, long years in the Medicine School is necessary to inculcate the morals and skills needed in their chosen profession. Just like Spider Man’s famous line from the movie: “With great power comes great responsibility.”

However, doctors are humans too. They are not robots designed to do a task and perfectly perform each and one of them. They are not spared from human errors.

And they, too, get tired. Or forget some important details. That’s not expected of them. But it doesn’t mean that they can’t really commit errors.

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