These Walmart Jelly Shoes Have Lead?


Exposure to even small amounts of lead may result in chronic lead poisoning. And it’s dangerous! This is why parents are concerned about the lead content of the things they buy for their children such as toys, books and even shoes.

If you are meticulous about lead contained in your kid’s stuff, then this video about Walmart jelly shoes having lead might interest you. Do they actually have lead?

Jelly shoes look so yummy in different colors and they are trendy too! However, a YouTube mom recently uploaded a video where she found out that those cute jelly shoes from Walmart may contain lead.

One mom tested her daughter’s Walmart jelly shoes using an instant lead test kit. The kit doesn’t tell you how much lead an object contains. But it will give you an idea if the product actually has a lead. 


The kit gives you swabs that you’ll need to rub onto the item you want to check for lead. The swab shouldn’t turn red. If it did, then the object you tested has a presence of lead.

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4 Comments on "These Walmart Jelly Shoes Have Lead?"

Carissa Bonham

This test actually shows the jellies do not have lead. If you run the swab on the shoes and it turns red then it has lead – if it doesn’t turn red until you rub it on the card, the test is NEGATIVE

Felicia Britt

The swab didn’t change colors on the shoes, but the test card (which actually does contain lead) did. That means the shoes Do NOT contain lead, and the tests work. Why does your article state otherwise?