2 Proven And Powerful Tips To Make Someone Miss You


Do you believe that one of the secrets in keeping your relationship strong is to make your partner miss you sometimes?

Being too clingy and dependent on your partner has its cons. One of which is the idea of being so comfortable with each other to the point that there’s no more space between you.

But don’t worry as today, I will share two tips that are powerful and proven to be effective in making someone miss you. This is according to a YouTuber Amy North who gives a lot of relationship advice and guidance on her channel.

As per Amy, making someone miss you is needed in a relationship in several situations. So for you not to look anywhere else just to get information on how to make someone miss you, I detailed the tips below.


Tip number 1 is to leave your partner with a climactic feeling or impressive deed when you have to part ways. There are times when you need to be separated due to a long-unresolved fight. The best solution? Get some space and breathe some fresh air away from each other.

That’s normal and actually good for both of you. Yet, if you feel paranoid that your partner might realize that being with you is no longer worth it, then leave with a high note. Prepare his or her favorite dish and give it to him before leaving, or pack some sweet hugs and kisses.

You can also bring out your lighter side and fill your last conversation with laughter and happiness. By doing the above-mentioned tips, your partner will surely miss you and would want to go back to you real soon. Laughter is one strong aphrodisiac!

Tip Number 2 is to play mysterious. A little mystery is fun in relationships too! If you want your partner to miss you, don’t report everything you do in a day.

Now, don’t be so mysterious you leave your partner confused, maybe even worried. Too much mystery can cause anxiety. But well played it can be so powerful.

Let him/her ask you where you’ve been and what you’ve been up to. This way, you’ll know if he/she is still thinking about you.


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