What You Thought Was A Bug Sting Could Be A Poisonous Bite That Can Attack Your Nervous System


Bug stings, mosquito bites, ant bites; we all have experienced them once in our lifetime. They don’t usually cause severe reactions other than blistering, swelling, itching, pain, irritation, inflammation, and redness.

The tiny wounds or lacerations from the bites will not usually require you to seek medical help. But what you thought was a simple bug sting could be a poisonous bite that can attack your nervous system.

Having said that, it is important for you to pay a visit to a doctor if you happen to develop an unusual mark from an insect bite. Or if you have a kid who has been bitten by an unknown insect, the best you can do is to have the bite checked by a medical professional. Especially if you feel that something is really wrong with the child’s well-being.

This is the message that the Donovan couple, Kristine and Josh, from Mendon, Massachusetts wants to get across following a scary incident their daughter had to go through.


Little Kailyn Donovan was clueless that she was attacked by a black widow spider as she was playing in their backyard. The spider bit her at the back of her leg, which resulted in a bluish mark that looked like an ordinary bruise.

Days after, the wound turned to purple and into a long, black stripe accompanied by a fever. So Josh and Kristine had to rush the girl to the ER where she was given antibiotics. However, it was odd that after taking the prescribed medications, the black strip behind Kailyn’s legs did not disappear. For this reason, the couple sought medical attention from an infectious disease specialist who told them that the bite was from a black widow spider.

Kristine revealed that she almost passed out after finding out that the black mark on the back of her daughter’s leg was the venom of the spider. They are still lucky, though. Black widow spider poison could attack a victim’s nervous system. Fortunately, the brave young girl was checked by specialists before her symptoms become severe.

Kailyn is now on the mend and hopefully, the marks will disappear soon. The child has recuperated well and was even able to attend her recent school graduation ceremony.

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