This Social Experiment Led To A Need To Call The Cops!


A social experiment conducted by YouTuber Dennis Cee took a surprising twist when they needed to call the cops due to a man’s harassing behavior. You have to read this and watch the video!!

The experiment’s purpose is to test whether people would help a lost child but when this man arrived, cops needed to interfere.

In the experiment, a girl pretended to be lost and looking for her mom. Some men offered her some help without second thoughts and even gave her a metro card she can use to ride the bus.

But not all those she approached were kind enough to help a lost child. There was this man who didn’t care at all and even pushed the kid away.


Then there’s an old man who was very willing to help and protect the girl from a strange guy in white shirt claiming that he knows the kid’s mother. Little he knows that everything is recorded in the video.

This guy grabbed the child and forced the old man to let her go. Luckily for the girl, the old stranger refused to do so until another man came to the rescue.

There was a little argument between the men because the guy in white didn’t really want to let go of the child. He kept on grabbing the girl until the other man called the police to stop him.

Five minutes after, the police came and guess what they found out? When the police ran the name of the strange man in white, they learned that he is an alleged neighborhood predator. OMG how scary is that?

This social experiment opened a lot of realizations. One, it is not always safe to conduct experiments like this. Two, not all people are willing to help a lost child.Three, parents must always keep an eye on their children to avoid such situations. Four, kids should always stay near their moms and dads in public places.

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