This Might Make You Believe The Blood Type Diet Works!


The Blood type diet is a guide that has the recommended meals and food for specific blood types. But does it really work?

Science has not proven that blood type diet is truly beneficial for people yet, but researchers have conducted several studies that showed this type of diet can be helpful in general.

For one, research that used the scientific method called PICO that stands for Population, Intervention, Comparison, and Outcome highlighted the benefits that humans can get from the blood type diet.

The Population refers to the participants in the study while the Intervention refers to what was given to the participants. Comparison is what researchers do to further analyze the results and Outcome is the conclusion of the research.


In the study, the conductors gathered 15,000 subjects for the population. The intervention was to ask these people to follow a specific blood type diet.

It is important to note, however, that the researchers didn’t take the participants’ blood types into consideration prior the execution of the intervention. Meaning, they randomly gave the subjects the set of meals that they need to eat for a given period.

Interestingly, when the conductors compared the results, it showed an improvement in the weight loss of the participants. Their BMI(Body mass Index) was lowered, their cholesterol and trans fat levels were reduced and all in all, they lost weight.

This made researchers conclude that blood type diets work but not in the way that people perceive it. Blood type diet is commonly believed as a specific diet for a certain blood type.

However, the study above confirmed that your blood type may not be necessary in following a diet because the blood type diet in general is beneficial for any individual. Why? That’s because the blood type diet contains healthy and balanced meals!

For this reason, anyone who strictly follows it could lead to better health and wellness overall. But if you are interested in trying one specific blood type diet, it is crucial for you to monitor how your body will react to it.

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