This Man Drops A $100 Bill And What Happens Next Is For You To See

This man drops 100 dollar bill
Social experiments on YouTube are now becoming a trend and a recent video that went viral involves a $100 bill and honesty.
The man behind EpicFiveTV named Ruben Sole decided to test the honesty of some passers-by in Las Vegas using a fake $100 bill. Believe it or not most of them actually did not return the money back to him.

There were a number of folks who denied seeing the bill after Ruben directly asked them if they saw his money. One woman stepped on it the moment she saw it drop from Ruben’s pocket. There was also a man on standby who saw the $100 drop. He picked it up and walked away as if nothing happened.

Another man who was in charge of cleaning the area also saw the money and pretended he didn’t notice it. He swept it up and walked away. Ruben followed him some distance. When he was far away, the janitor checked the bill. Ruben confronted the man to ask if he saw him drop the $100 but he denied it.

Interestingly, there was also another passer-by who took the bill but Ruben was quick to ask the man to return it. The man refused to give the money to him and even suggested they share it. However, he still got away with the $100 bill without realizing it’s fake until Ruben told him so.

Lastly, there’s a man who works for the club who pocketed the bill but also denied it even after Ruben approached him and asked multiple times if he saw it. Unfortunately, the man was not being honest that time and Ruben was not able to retrieve his fake $100 bill.


The social experiment also highlighted how honest some people are too. There were a couple of passers-by who made the effort to pick up the money and return it to Ruben. A woman even spotted it was fake as she gave the bill back to the YouTuber.

It is important to note, however, that the social experiment cannot be used to judge the honesty of people in Las Vegas or in general. What we saw in the experiment is just a small fraction of the population. What can you say about the honesty of people caught in the video? Drop your thoughts below!


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