This Girl Can Pack Over 100 Items Into A Single, Tiny Carry-On Luggage


Planning for a long vacation or business trip out of town? This post is for you!

Vacations are fun but the burden of carrying huge and heavy bags is definitely not! Fortunately, you can pack over 100 items in a single carry-on bag in simple and easy steps!

I do a lot of business travel myself and as any weary business traveler will tell you, it is best to pack light, tight, and with a single carry-on. This is something I always strive to do, but how when you have a week long trip over seas?

We found a travel star that shares her tips. You’ll truly be amazed at how the girl was able to accommodate more than 100 things in her carry-on bag. Quickly and trouble-free. I still can’t believe it. 


The secret?

  • Elastic bands
  • packing cubes or traveling pouches
  • zip locks

All easy to get!

She used the elastic bands to keep her pair of shoes together and compressed. Pretty cool right? With this tip, you no longer have to spend extra time finding your other pair of shoes!

I actually used this tip before I knew it was a thing and this simple tip alone is worth it!

However If you watch the YouTube video from a channel called “Biaggi Luggage,” you will see this tip in action and the rest of them explained on the next page. BTW We have the video next here for you!

Please continue for more tips and the video!


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