This 3-Year-Old Drinks Coffee And Likes It?

This 3 year old drinks coffee and likes it

This has to be the cutest Barista ever! A three-year-old boy named Adler is known to be the youngest barista in Colorado. In a video posted on YouTube, Adler was caught in action while he prepared a cappuccino for his father Andrew Webb at Bindle Coffee.

Bindle Coffee is a comforting home to handmade coffee owned by Andrew and his wife Jenn. Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, it is also where little Adler enjoy making cappuccinos, French presses and even knows how to use the Aeropress.

In the video, Adler’s skills in coffee making were very evident. The young boy seems well trained in the steps on how to make a cappuccino. He also know some tricks such as swirling the cream prior to pouring into the cup!

And if you didn’t notice, Adler also tapped the cream container similar to how a barista does! Watching the little kid seriously preparing the cappuccino is just so adorable and entertaining, isn’t it?


The video has gone viral and was appreciated well by many YouTubers based on the comments. A certain commenter, however, expressed concern for Adler as it could be dangerous for a kid to drink hot beverages.

There is nothing to worry though because Adler was supervised by his father throughout the process. Additionally, the boy seemed to like his own cappuccino when he tasted it. There is no hint of pain shown on his face.

To those who are wondering how Adler came to love coffee making that much, well, he had been there since Andrew started planning and working on their own coffee shop. According to Andrew, Adler initially helped him by grinding coffee into a portafilter, which we have seen in the video. The boy also used to dump the used coffee grounds into the bin as detailed in the BeanHunter blog.

Naturally, Adler copies what his father does and soon learned the basics of making a coffee. For this reason, the young boy has come to love being a barista and who knows? He could be the next best barista in town!


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