Things You Need To Throw Away, As In Now!


We tend to hold on to most of our things even though we no longer use them as much. But little do we know that there are expiration dates on everything. Nothing lasts forever they say. So if you feel like decluttering today, here are some things you need to throw away, as in now!

Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundation is a little bit pricey especially the ones from premium brands. However, it will do your face no justice if it’s already expired.

So check the expiry date of your liquid foundation. If it’s past due date, you have to let it go girl. But if there’s no indication of an expiration date on the tube or bottle, then you have to remember when you bought it.


Liquid foundation usually last for up to six 6 months so if yours has passed that time frame, get rid of it. But then again, that is if there’s no expiry date indicated on the container. Another tip to check if your foundation is still good is to shake it. If it doesn’t shake up and the cream starts to separate from the bottle, it’s no good for your face.


Regular mascara can only last from six to eight weeks. But manufacturers usually put an expiry date on their products so make sure to do a double check too.

So if there’s no expiration date on your mascara, it’s better to trash it out after eight weeks. The mascara is one makeup that’s closest to your delicate eyes. It’s best to ensure that what you put around your eyes is safe and clean.


Lipstick is one of women’s favorite makeup. That’s why a lot of girls tend to buy different lippies in varying shades. But don’t buy too much if you won’t be able to use them regularly. Lipsticks have expiry too and you must discard it when it is past its prime.

How can you tell if your lipstick is already overdue? Well again, check for the indication of its expiration on the container. If nothing is stated there, then smell it. If it smells waxy, then sorry. It should go to your trash bin.

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