The Best 5 Simple Methods To Get Rid Of Stinky Feet


If you have ever been embarrassed because of stinky feet, stop worrying now! It’s just so easy to get rid of that smell if you follow these 5 simple methods on how to get rid of smelly feet. Thanks to YouTuber KnowMoreTV for sharing these methods that I will detail to you below.

Method 1: Don’t Neglect Your Feet In The Shower

I understand that time is limited so you prefer to get in a quick shower. That’s okay but never neglect cleaning your feet with soap and water. Bacteria could easily accumulate in between your toes because of its naturally warm and moist environment. That said, it’s important you clean those parts to avoid bacteria that causes bad smell.

Method 2: Dry Your Feet Every Wash


Whenever your feet get wet, don’t forget to get a clean towel to dry them. As mentioned above, bacteria could grow in wet environment and you don’t want that. For a quick tip, buy an antifungal powder and sprinkle some on your feet to allow them to stay dry for longer periods.

Method 3: Rest Your Feet From Wearing Closed Shoes

If you are working or still in school and you have to wear closed shoes, when you get home, let your feet relax and breathe in an open sandal or flip flop. Also, you may notice that the smell stays in your shoes and boots. Place them in a wide open area where to let them air out before storing them back in the closet. Men, this applies to you too! Take your socks off, let your feet breathe!

Method 4: Wear Breathable Socks

Choose breathable socks and wear them with closed shoes. The cottony fabric absorbs sweat so there is less possibility for bacteria to thrive. Go buy some new socks now! Anyway, who doesn’t like the feel of a fresh pair of socks right?

Method 5: Try Alcohol And Epsom Salt Soak

If everything else fails, try pouring rubbing alcohol or epsom salt soak on your feet. The alcohol is an antiseptic and a good agent to kill bacteria. The epsom salt soak, which is done by soaking feet for 10-15 minutes in a mixture of 2 tbsp epsom salt per quart of water, is also believed to rid your feet of stink too. Not the least of which is feels really good to detox your little piggies in a nice hot epsom soak!

There you go! Now go ahead and try any of the methods above. If they work for you, like they do for me, please share with your friends. Just don’t tell them they have smelly feet. Also watch the video below for more information.


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