Super Easy No-Bake Chocolate Truffles You Can Make Right Now

Super East No-Bake Truffles you can make right now!
I don’t know about you, but I can’t cook and the thought of making chocolate truffles scares me! Then I found this super easy recipe that doesn’t require baking to make them. So I did it and you can too! Read below!
Have you ever gone to a party and had some really good truffles someone made? I always wanted to be that nifty in the kitchen, and make some truffles! The way they melt in your mouth, tasting all that wonderful chocolate. It’s like a decadent dream for your sweet tooth!
In this video, they have a super easy recipie! (Is truffle making really this easy? Omg!) The best part of this recipe, is that it’s a cookie truffle. (If you weren’t paying attention, you are now right? COOKIE!) All you need is a stove, with a pan, a few pieces of wax paper, a tray. Then for the ingredients you need cream cheese, chocolate chips, chocolate and cream cookies, and shortening. That’s it!
You would think covering them with the chocolate shell would be difficult, but it’s quite easy! All you need to do is freeze the truffle balls, and toss them into the melted chocolate. Then toss it lightly around with the forks, and let the access chocolate drain through before placing it on the wax paper. In order to speed up the drying process, clear out a space in the fridge and wait for about 30 minutes, or until firm. Finally, since Valentines day is coming up, it’s optional to add a few decorations to your truffles.


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