Smartphones Allegedly Increase The Risk Of Suicide Among Teens

Lack Of Social Interaction


I know that smartphones is a tool we use to communicate with friends. Facebook, for one, is a wide and huge platform we can take advantage of to meet with people across the world.

However, having online friends is not enough. These people you meet on the web do not know you personally most of the time. They have no idea what you are going through.

Forming genuine relationships with people you can meet from time to time should do you better. Talking to your family about your feelings, additionally, will definitely help you overcome fears and sadness or whatever it is you are going through. With the support of people you can see and hug, suicide would not be in your list of “how to end depression.”


Sleep Deprivation

Did you know that depriving yourself of sleep can lead to low serotonin levels? Serotonin acts as the natural mood stabilizer of our bodies.

Normal serotonin levels also helps you become more focused, calm, and happier. If your body is running low on serotonin, you may experience anxiety and difficulty in concentrating. Both are contributing factors to suicidal thoughts if you are already feeling depressed over a tough situation.

Too Much Screen Time

Too much use of smartphones can damage your brain. Need I say more?

Studies say that one’s exposure to mobile devices affects the structural and functional regions of the brain. Which is why those who constantly use their smartphones for longer periods experience nervous system hyperactivity, inability to concentrate, and mood changes. All of which may negate your capability to fix life issues and find solutions to your problems in the most difficult time.


Now that it has been established that the use of smartphones is a risk factor in suicidal thoughts, would you still stay up all night browsing the internet with your mobile device? Let’s take part in fighting the growing cases of suicide. Share this post and let your friends know about it too!


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