Smart Organizing Tips For A Tidy And Neat Children’s Closet


Before I became a mom, I thought that the hardest household chore I would have to bear my whole life is to keep my closet clean, neat, and uncluttered. I love buying new clothes, dresses, shoes and bags! And I refuse to throw out my old stuff because I might need them in the future. So imagine how my closet looked like.

But I got over it. I let go of the things I don’t use anymore. I feel that’s more practical, right?

Then my babies came into my life. If you’re also a parent, you’ll understand the happiness it brings when we buy our children clothes and toys. I wasn’t able to resist it! I was left with closet organization problems… again!

That’s why I searched for some smart tips on how to keep their closet neat and tidy. And after reading and watching some YouTube videos, I learned a lot on how to arrange my children’s wardrobe. I also found this video that discussed three practical steps in organizing a kid’s closet. They are really helpful so I thought I’d share with you the tips below.


Flexible Kid Sizing:

Your kid’s closet should be flexible because they are still growing. This year, they could be 2 ft. tall but next year they could be 3 ft. or more. This is why you need the flexibility in rearranging the hanging rods and drawers of their closets. You have to position them in a way that the kids can easily access what they have.

Organize By Accessibility:

Your children should be able to effortlessly reach the stuff they regularly use. Organize their closets by putting their shirts, shorts, and toys in boardwalk level. Clothes that are just used on special occasions should be placed on the higher spot.

Boundaries and Tools:

It is best to use boundaries and tools to keep your kids’ clothes straight and shipshape. Use dividers to separate sections in a drawer to make it easier for kids to see and pick what they want to wear. The same principle applies to the use of hangers.

See how easy that was! If you want to learn more about these three organizing tips for a tidy and neat kid’s closet, check out the full video below.


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