She Just Wants Her Father To See How Much She Has Grown Up


An inspirational video about a girl who lives with a blind father has gone viral on YouTube. The young child grew up as a bubbly and happy kid because her father has always told her that life is beautiful.

But one day, her heart broke. She realized that her blind father will never see how much she has grown up.

With faith that one day he may see again, the father filled his daughter’s life with happiness and positivity. He always smiles and perform daily activities despite his condition. He does house chores with the assistance of his daughter and they both are happy doing so everyday.

Until one day, he received a call from his attending physician. It was a good news for both of them as the donor’s eyes have already arrived at the hospital. The father and the daughter were very excited but things did not go smoothly as they expected.


It was an early morning and the little girl was excited to go to the hospital after school to see her father. However at the hospital, the father received disappointing news. His eyes have complications and even if he undergoes surgery, he will never see again.

It was sad news for the father especially now that his daughter is expecting him to have eyes that could see her. So when the girl arrived at the hospital and found out about the news, it broke her heart. All she wanted was for her father to see how much she has grown up.

Things will not be easy for the father and daughter but life has given them each other to count on. So to those who still have eyes to see, go and spend time with your daughters and sons. Some are not given the privilege to see their kids grow. And to those children out there, go and see your parents. You wouldn’t know if one day, the too, will not be able to see you anymore.

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