Say Goodbye To Fitted Sheet Folding Problems With This!


Do you have problems storing fitted sheets because of their bulk? Do you have challenges in folding them properly because of their huge sizes? I think everyone does! I do!

Worry no more as a video by Martha Stewart will show you how to fold a fitted sheet the right way. So say goodbye to folding problems now!

The first step in folding a fitted sheet is to get two corners of the fabric. Then, put your a hand in each corner, making sure that the sheet is facing inside out. Stretch your hands sideways and away from you especially if the fitted sheet is wide.

Next, take the fabric on your right hand and flip it over the fabric on the left hand. Using your left hand, receive the corner of the sheet from your right hand. You should now be holding the fitted sheet using your left hand.


Then you will see a fold made from the center of the fitted sheet because you folded it in half. Grab the corner of that fold with your right hand and shake it until the fabric at the bottom straightens and lines up. Now, release the fold and run your hands through the elastic that you can see at the left part of the fabric.

Trace it down to get the third corner. Flip it up and put it over the sheet on your left hand again. This is almost similar to the step above.

Then, take the final corner up and flip it to your left hand. The elastics should be positioned in one side now. Just fold the sheet to form an “L” and you’re ready for the final step!

Now that all the sheet’s elastics are tidied up in “L” form, just fold the fabric into three cuts vertically. Then do three cuts horizontally too. Make sure the elastics are inside though as you want a neatly folded fitted sheet in your storage.

And there it is! You just folded your fitted sheet properly! Nice work!

If all of this sounds hard reading it, well it is actually very easy. Watch the video and you can see quickly how to do it


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