Rompers For Men: The New Fashion For Guys!


In case you missed it, rompers for men is now a thing! Who said that only women can wear these stylish clothes? Well, there’s now rompers for men and it’s called RompHim. Continue reading below to know more about it.

Rompers are very comfortable to wear. Maybe this is the reason why women love wearing them. And who would have guessed that there will come a time when we’ll see men wearing them too?

So now it’s here guys! RompHim is for real and it actually retails for around $110. It launched on Kickstarter and oh! They are so cute in pastel colors!

But do you think men will really wear rompers in public?


Why not?! They have worn onesies in their babyhood. There’s nothing wrong with wearing RompHim, is there?

Men can be trendy too. And if girls can pull off this fashion trend, guys can, of course, do it as well! After all, rompers are just like jumpsuits. And men wore jumpsuits in the old days.

Meanwhile, some people debate about how rompers would look on men down there. But according to reports, a RompHim has an adjustable waist and a zippered back. That being said, men should be able to adjust the fit accordingly.

Some critics also asked if women can actually go on a date with a man wearing rompers. If ladies can wear what they want on dates at the park, why can’t men?

Boys should be given the freedom to choose what’s comfortable to them, right? So maybe it’s not so bad to date a guy in rompers. What do you think?

The idea of rompers for men is funny because it’s new to us. We didn’t even realize this thing will be invented. But it’s already here so let’s just enjoy as much as some men enjoy wearing it. Agree? 


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