Prada Paper Clip? What You Need To Know About This $185 Item!


Prada continues its legacy in making premium and luxurious bags, shoes, clothes, eyewear, fragrances, paper clips, wait whaaaat? Prada paper clip?

Yes, Prada just launched its newest creation and unexpectedly, people were not too impressed by it. Their new work of art? A 6.25 centimeters long and 2.25 centimeters wide sterling silver money clip that’s shaped as a regular paper clip.

If you are a Prada enthusiast, you must be thrilled to get your hands on this new money clip. However, you have to know that the public didn’t receive it so well. Why? Simply because of its $185 price tag.

A hundred eighty-five dollars should get you thousands of paper clips from the office depot, I guess. But hey, it’s not just a money clip! It’s Prada!


Well, this controversial paper clip is nothing similar to the ones you see in your workplace. The famous Milan-based brand didn’t just put the price tag in there for no reason. For one, it is made of silver so it’s quite an investment, need I say more?

And oh, I should not forget to mention that it is inscribed with the brand name on one side. That way, people will not mistake it for its cheap and regular counterpart. And bonus, you’ll always remember it is a Prada-made item.

Also, time may come that the Prada paper clip will be another elite designer item that can go for auction mounted with a more expensive tag. But if you ask Twitter peeps, it appears they are not into investing that huge amount of cash for a single money clip. Some tweets made fun of the obviously expensive clip, apparently.

Memes and sarcastic comments about the Prada paper clip are everywhere! Go head to Twitter and use hashtag #paperclip or #prada to see for yourself!

Don’t forget to check out this man who has got some practical offer: “I have a better offer than #prada #paperclip. I will hold all your money together for $50. Any takers?.” Also, this one who was so on point: “OK, it’s a #moneyclip, but still. #unnecessary #musthave #paperclip #prada.”

Prada Paper Clip

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