Who Knew This App Could Save Lives? Thanks To Technology!


We commonly use apps for business, travel and leisure purposes. But who knew that such programs can actually save not just a single life but four!

A woman from Highlands County Florida found a unique but effective way to save her own life and her children’s from a near death experience. Apparently, the mother of three lived with a man who abused drugs that resulted in physical abuse.

Holding a large knife, the boyfriend held the woman captive together with the three kids for almost a whole day. Unfortunately, she can’t call for help as she was restricted from using her mobile phone.

Determined to save her kids from the abusive man, the mother had a brilliant idea. She convinced her live-in boyfriend that they needed to eat and a delivery pizza would be perfect.


And so, her unaware partner allowed her to use the mobile device and let her process an order. Luckily, the woman had a pizza hut app installed on her phone, which she was able to utilize as a rare call for help.

After picking a flavor of pizza, she used the special instructions field on the app to inform the receiver of the order that she was held hostage. As unusual as it sounds, this actually happened and it saved her life and her children’s.

The manager of the pizza hut chain who received the order didn’t initially notice the note, though. It was the chef assigned to make the pizza who read the message and quickly reported it to the store manager.

As per the manager, the note said “Get help to me 911” and another message followed at the bottom that said “hostage help.” Upon learning this, she called the police department immediately to rescue the customer.

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