Pet Stares Weirdly At Owner, Sends Warning Of Baby Death?


It is in that moment when Alhanna and her husband Ricky thought about the dog’s unusual behavior and started to give attention to what Keola wanted to say. So they went to another doctor to have her belly checked again, not realizing that her life and her baby’s were in danger. 

Going to the hospital that day was really the best timing. If she had ignored her back pain further, it could result to her death and her baby’s. As it turned out, the woman acquired a rare infection causing the pain at her back. Which is why she was immediately sent to the intensive care unit to get proper medical attention. 

Owner And Baby Are Safe Now

Though Alhanna and her unborn child’s life were put at risk, we can say that they were still lucky. They were both saved from a potential harm. And it is because of Keola’s persistence in telling her owner that something was wrong. They, too, are lucky to have the Akita as their pet. 


Following the incident, Alhanna soon gave birth to a healthy baby boy Lincoln. Keola has a new best friend now and would you believe she is so sweet and protective to the baby? Of course! She helped save this precious little human’s life! 

After what happened, I guess Alhanna and Ricky will never ignore Keola’s signals ever again. And they both feel safe and secured that they have a pet who can take care of their boy in her own wonderful ways. 

What’s your take about this story? Do you believe dogs can really sense if there’s something wrong with your health? Well, it may not be scientifically proven yet but this narrative is one proof that a canine’s love and loyalty to their owners is beyond what we can imagine. Do you agree? 

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