Service Animals Inconvenienced In Airport Pet Relief Areas

Here’s Why Service Animals Are Crucial For Travellers With Disabilities

service animals
Service animals are important for travelers with a disability.

First off, losing one main body function is terrible in all sense. And having nobody to assist you in your daily routines is more troublesome. Having said that, travelers with disabilities need to have somebody to guide them as they try to live a fuller life.

And the good news is, we are at a time when dogs can train to become assistance or guide pets. These animals come with varying skills to perform tasks for the benefit of a person with a disability.

What’s more amazing is that the animals really do well in their job of keeping their owners safe. There’s no wonder why it is disappointing for travelers that some airports don’t have decent pet relief areas for their pets.


How Do Service Animals Help Their Owners

Animals such as dogs, cats, and even horses can undergo training for assistance purposes.But most of the service animals are dogs. They can act as hearing dogs, seizure-alert dogs, and even therapeutic companions.

If you are yet familiar with it, hearing dogs make physical contacts with their owners to alert them and lead them to the source of a sound. They partner with individuals who have lost their sense of hearing.

Seizure-alert dogs, on the other hand, are dogs that learned what to do in case their owners have an attack. The animals can activate a life-alert system, call for help, and stimulate the person during a seizure as well.

Lastly, therapy dogs underwent training in providing comfort and affection to people in hospice, nursing homes, and the like. Also, they offer therapeutic companionship to individuals suffering from mental disorders such as autism and anxiety problems.

Those mentioned above, however, are just some of the services that assistance animals can provide. There’s a lot of tasks these four-legged buddies can do. That’s why I, too, believe that they deserve better pet relief areas in airports.

In the meantime, check out how an airport pet relief area looks like in the clip below. Like this post? Share it on Facebook!


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