Are You This Kind Of Parent When It Comes To Sports?


Parents, you love your kids so much. Everyone understands that. But when it comes to sports, Glendale Little League Park of Wisconsin has some reminders for you.

Moms and dads tend to be overprotective sometimes. It is commonly scene when kids engage in sports and games in school or at the park. Because of this, some parents end up fighting each other to defend their little ones.

Are you this kind of parent when it comes to sports and other games? If you are, then Glendale Little League Park wants to remind you that it is just a kid’s game. And it’s only a game.

The park also wants parents to realize that their coaches are only volunteers. In addition, the umpires are humans too.


So what are they trying to convey in their message? It’s pretty simple, actually. It’s just something to remind parents to enjoy watching their kids. And try not to be too competitive to avoid misunderstandings.

A YouTube channel “Today’s TMJ4” published an interview with the president of Glendale Little League Park program. He said that they have incidents of parents taking the game seriously. Such situations apparently sparked fights between parents.

This could be one of the reasons why Glendale Little League Park had to post the sign. Fighting with another mom or dad isn’t something you want your kids to see, right?

The management just wants parents to lighten up and enjoy the sports. They should be there to watch the children and not start a fight when their kids get hurt or lose in the game.

So moms and dads, when you watch your kids play sports, try to loosen up when you see them fall. It’s a game, losing or being hurt a little is part of it. In the end, what’s important is what they learned. And how they will apply their learning in their next game.


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