Man Neglected Teeth For Around 20 Years! Here’s What Happened

Jay's teeth

Believe it or not, a man was able to live his first 20 years of life without proper brushing of teeth! I mean, no oral care in a whole day will sure make your breath smell awful. What more when you neglected your teeth for two long decades!

Growing up with no encouragement from parents about the importance of brushing our teeth, a man named Jay didn’t care about his dental hygiene. He grew up devoid of proper oral care and soon developed a dental phobia.

Well, Jay refused taking care of his gums and teeth and never wanted to visit the dentist. The more he noticed the worsening condition of his teeth, the more he declined dental help. But as we all know, plaques, tartar, and gum problems will keep up so there’s no way he can escape the dentist!

I didn’t expect, though, that it will take him around 20 long years before finally realizing that a trip to the dentist is totally worth his troubles. Imagine living with a bad breath and crooked teeth, and black plaque buildup, which show up everytime you smile. I really wonder how this guy was able to put up with all that!


But the good news is, come his 21st year of life, Jay decided to pay the doctor a visit! Finally! And guess what? As expected, his teeth were looking in a pretty bad shape.

For the first time in a long while, he allowed a dentist to do a thorough check up of his dental condition. Saying that big and wide “aah” could have been terrifying for a dental phobic person. But I am sure he is happy with his brave decision.

Now, take a look at his teeth below. See those dark teeth covered with hardened tartar and bacteria buildup? That’s the evidence of Jay’s neglect for his dental hygiene. But fortunately, the tooth fairy (I mean the dentist), knew exactly what to do.

Jay's neglected teeth
Jay’s neglected teeth

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