Mother Of Two Is Embarrassed When Confronted About Her Issue, But Did She Learn Her Lesson?


A young mother of two, named Kristin is still living with her parents even after giving birth to her boys. And worse, she leaves her children under the care of the grannies, full time! But after meeting Supernanny, she heard what her parents should have told her years ago, “grow up!”

Supernanny faced a difficult and personal issue when she checked in on Kristin’s family. Apparently, the 25-year-old mother is not always around because of her job. And so, the famous parenting advisor was instead welcomed by Pat and Cliff, the grandparents who were obliged to look after their grandsons, full time, while Kristin is at work.

At this point, you might wonder how this old couple is coping with their everyday lives as they act as parents to their grandkids. Keeping an eye on one toddler is very hard and it’s even harder if you have to take care of two young boys. Not to mention, it’s really quite difficult to perform daily tasks when you’re getting old.

Moreover, Cliff revealed that they are the ones who basically provide everything for their daughter. Kristin doesn’t pay rent, doesn’t do anything in the house, and is even ungrateful for what her parents are doing for her.


It appears that Cliff and Pat have no choice but to accept their situation because they just love Kristin and the boys so much. They don’t want their daughter to leave the house and take the kids away from them. That’s undoubtedly a sad thought, especially for grannies who have grown to love their grandkids as their own children.

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She’s just an ungrateful bitch that doesn’t seem to care how or who raises her kids as long as the babysitting is free. Well wake up! Once you have kids, the party is over! Using your parents doesn’t make it right, either.