Mommy Hacks: 5 Tips & Tricks When Moving


Moving is an arduous journey. From packing to unpacking, it requires full energy, time and effort. Especially when you are a mom! Apart from tidying up your things and furniture, you still have to look after your tot or baby.

This is a really tough grind. So let me help you with that! I was watching on YouTube during my leisure time and found this very helpful video on 5 moving hacks for moms. I, too, am moving out and I think this will be a huge help to us who are in the middle of packing up.

You can find the video I’m talking about on Millennial Moms’ channel. But I also included the clip in this post for those who are interested in it. You can check it out on the next page.

However, if you don’t feel like watching YouTube today, I detailed what I learned from the video here. So be ready for Mindy McKnight’s 5 tips and tricks when moving house that I will detail below.


Number 1: Start packing your stuff as early as you can.

Every day spent procrastinating is another spent worrying about that thing. Don’t get stuck in this scenario.

The first tip is to start packing the earliest time possible. If you are not too busy today, maybe you can get a small box and pack stuff that isn’t needed until the actual day of your move. They could be small furniture, picture frame, kid’s toys and some clothes. I know it’s tiresome to pack all your things in boxes so the earlier you start, the sooner you’ll finish.

Number 2: Don’t forget to label your boxes.

Unpacking your boxes will be difficult if you don’t know what’s inside them. So never forget to put a label on every box you seal.

You can just put “kitchen utensils,” “toiletries,” “kid’s toys,” and labels like that on the box for you to easily identify them. But as per McKnight from the video, it’s best if you “over label.” This means you specifically write the items in the box such as “kitchen stuff: baking utensils, cutlery, mixing bowls,” and etc. This will be convenient for you when you settled in the new home because you’ll know exactly where to find the things you’ll need in case you aren’t ready to unpack all them in one go.

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