Mommy Hacks: 8 Must Haves To Pack For Your Vacation


Packing for a vacation can be tiresome. Especially if you don’t know what to pack. If you’re a mom, you might have memorized the “what to bring” list for kids. But what about the stuff you need for yourself?

Most mommies spend a lot of their time on their kids. And so, they tend to forget themselves sometimes. And when it comes to packing the family’s clothes for a vacation, mom’s stuff is commonly the last on the list.

If you’re having troubles on what clothes to bring when traveling, I can help you with that! With just a few minutes of browsing the internet, I learned some cool tips on what to pack for long trips. If you also want to know what these mommy hacks are, read on.

In a YouTube video shared by WhatsUpMoms, I noted 8 must haves to pack for vacation. I listed them here in case you don’t have time to watch the clip on the next page. Enjoy!


Tip Number 1: Maxi Dress

A long jersey dress is perfect from daytime to the afternoon. You can simply wear it as you stroll the beach. You can also wear your maxi dress for a casual gathering. Just add some accessories to make a statement and you’re good to go!

Maxi Dress

Tip Number 2: One-Piece Swimsuit

You can never go wrong with a one-piece swimsuit. With this swimwear, you can flaunt your body comfortably without showing off your post-baby belly. Pair your one-piece swimsuits with a large hat and you’ll surely look fab!

One Piece Swimsuit for a Flattering Look

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