Don’t Be This Mom, There’s No Need To Worry Too Much


Kristina Kuzmic is back on her YouTube channel to remind parents that there are a lot of things you worry about that will not actually damage you or your children’s future.

Parents usually worry about all things related to their kids. Well, that’s understandable because moms and dads just care for them too much.

But most of the time, worrying about simple things is just a waste of energy. Your children will be fine. As long as you’re there, they are in good hands. So why fret?

That’s what Kristina wants to remind parents in her new video. She wants you to know that the tiny stuff going on in your children’s life will not damage their future. Like their non-matching socks and their late potty training.


Some mothers look at other moms and tell them what they’re doing wrong. If you meet one, don’t mind them. We all have our own kids. That means we all should own our parenting.

While it’s nice to hear comments to be a better parent, it’s not okay to hear another mother impose her parenting ways on you. Can you relate? This is very common. But maybe, we should put a stop to it.

It’s not healthy. It could lead to misunderstandings among parents, right? So if you’re reading this, try not to be that mother who focuses on her neighbor’s parenting.

Focus on your own family and kids. Be happy and use your energy in bettering your life.

They key here is respect. If we just try to respect each other’s choices, then we could all be good friends!

But we’re not saying not to help, okay. Maybe, what’s best is to offer your opinion in a way that’s not so imposing.

Do you agree with Kristina? What can you say about mommies who always point the wrong in others?


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