How To Tell If You’re The Mom Among Your Friends


In every group of friends, there’s always someone who becomes the “go-to” friend. Usually, she’s dubbed as the mommy of the gang. And here’s how to tell if you are the mom among your friends.

You Care For Your Friends All The Time

If you are someone who cares too much about your pals, you could be the mom among your friends. You are their shield. You won’t let anyone hurt them.

You Celebrate Your Friends’ Success


You are the mom among your friends if you make their success a priority. You help them with their thesis, resume, term papers and projects even if you’re too busy.

You Are The First Person Your Friends Consider For An Advice

Whether it’s a problem about love or a school matter, your friend always calls you first to ask for an advice. You know exactly what to tell them and they believe in you! If this is you, then you are the mom among your friends.

You Do Your Best To Protect Your Friends

You are someone who usually prevents disaster. Got some friends who are drunk? You make an effort to stop them from doing something silly. If you tend to do this often, you are the mom among your friends.

Your Friends Think You Lead An Almost Perfect Life

You are the mom among your friends if you seem to keep it all together that your friends think you have no problems at all. But the truth is, you also have your own ups and downs. It’s just that you are so good at handling things. And because of that, none of them notices if you are in trouble.

Are you the mom among your friends? How does it feel to be one? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below!


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