Minimalism Myths Debunked, It’s Not Just About Your Stuff


First, let’s get things straight. Minimalism has nothing to do with the number of items you have and the food you eat. It is something that can help lead you to freedom and a lighter way of life.

How you live a minimalist life will depend on you. You are the sole person who can determine what clutters your life. What do you want to be free from? What can you do to live light and simple?

Minimalism doesn’t have rules. The instructions you’ve heard about how to live a minimalist life could just be myths. It’s your life, you set the rules. So let’s debunk some minimalism myths below.

You have to own fewer things.


One minimalism myth claims that you need to own less things. That’s not true. You can own as much as you need or want. As long as these things don’t break your mantra to a minimalist life, you can get everything you like.

You should be vegan.

Being a vegan has nothing to do with being a minimalist. Some people relate this to minimalism maybe because it is perceived to make you healthier. And it’s the simplest diet out there. Though there are a lot of vegan minimalists, being one is not a requirement to minimalism.

Your house should have less color.

Your home should be white if you’re a minimalist. No, let’s debunk that. If colors make you feel free and happy, then fill your room with colors. Minimalism doesn’t require you to live in a plain white house if you don’t feel like it.

The above-mentioned minimalism myths might make you scratch your head if you are one, right? Obviously, not everybody understands what a minimalist lifestyle is. It’s importance, it’s purpose and its benefits.

So if you’re someone who’s into minimalism, you can do some research on Google, Facebook, and even on YouTube. For a starter, check out the video below that details more minimalism myths that you shouldn’t believe in.


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