This Millennial Marriage Proposal Is A Total Headache!


The current generation of couples or lovers is very much into creative marriage proposals. But among all those sweet and epic declarations of love, this millennial marriage proposal is one that will give you a total headache.

In a parody video of a marriage proposal, a millennial couple showed us how stressful it is to shoot one. The positioning of the camera, the lighting, the makeup and the hair! All those stuff are important? Unbelievable!

The woman in the video asked her partner to shoot the marriage proposal multiple times. It appeared she can’t get her perfect look. She even noted that her engagement ring should be bigger. As if that’s not enough, she made up a statement that his man should say as he gives her the ring!

The parody video ended with the girl happy and contented. But not with the ring and her engagement. She was delighted to see the likes her marriage proposal video gathered. Hilarious!


If this is how millennials hit relationship goals, well they are honestly missing the point. Marriage proposals are romantic on its own. A man or woman wanting to spend the rest of his life to be with you should be enough. Not every woman meets a significant other like that.

As a matter of fact, there are girls in long-term relationships who have been patiently waiting for a marriage proposal. I’m pretty sure these women are more than willing to say yes even without a camera and an elegant ring.

But of course, the video is just an exaggeration of the matter, right millennials? This doesn’t happen in real life. Please tell me it is a parody only.

Yes, there are millennial marriage proposals on YouTube that are so sweet they’ll drive you into tears. But those videos seem to be real and not scripted. Lucky are those people who get to be with someone they truly love.


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