Mel B’s Marriage Is Not Something Even Simon Cowell Can Joke About On ‘America’s Got Talent’

Mel B and Simon Cowell
Mel B and Simon Cowell feud?

After one intriguing episode of “America’s Got Talent,” it appears that Simon Cowell is not Mel B’s favorite comedian. When she tossed her drink on the host, we all should realize that the marriage of Scary Spice of the Spice Girls is not something we should joke about.

Mel B tossing her drink on Simon Cowell
Mel B tossing her drink on Simon Cowell

“America’s Got Talent” is not just a reality television series where you can watch superb skills and talents that will leave you in awe. Often, you will witness real people demonstrating real emotions.

Sometimes, contestants break down or throw rebuttals when they didn’t make it to the judges’ expectation. It hurts to hear the “X” buzzer, doesn’t it?

Also, there are moments when even the jurors themselves can’t unite on whether or not to let the contestant climb the next level. We see their friendly arguments on air. Additionally, we, too, hear how some of them convince the other to let the participant move on to the following round.


And just like contestants, the judges of “America’s Got Talent” also become upset. That’s evident recently when we witnessed a heated reaction from Mel B towards Cowell’s apparent joke.

In case you missed it, what happened started with another “not so surprising” act from a magician. The participant, Demian Aditya, attempted to wow the audience with a trick using a wooden box, steel, and fire.

America's Got Talent contestant attempted to wow audience with magic
America’s Got Talent contestant attempted to wow audience with magic

A few seconds after Aditya started his magic trick, I honestly began to wonder “what’s the trick?” Nothing special or shocking followed so even the judges were left waiting.

Then Mel B just couldn’t wait any longer. The former Spice Girls star pressed the buzzer, which was seemingly not acceptable per co judge Howie Mandel.

They were actually wondering what was wrong. Was the guy still alive? What went wrong? 

The next thing we then saw was Aditya behind Mel B and Mandel as Tyra Banks went to the stage. The former model had to interrupt the performance of the magician to explain that there was a technical issue.

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