How Much Will You Sell Your Girlfriend? This Man Did For $11,000


However, her boyfriend seemed so cool about it. I guess the guy even wanted to negotiate with Joey and slash off the sexual favors from the offer and will then give the go signal. But to make things easier for him, Joey increased his offer to ten thousand dollars.

Still thinking twice about the sexual part of the deal, the guy said his girlfriend is not for sale. The witty YouTuber then added another thousand dollars, making it a total of $11,000 for a night with the lady.

Now, this has become more uncomfortable for the girl. The boyfriend started negotiating with her and asked her to think about it. Her answer was epic: “what if it’s the other way around?”


Yeah, she was so on point. What if it’s him that the stranger was “buying?” How would he feel?

But the man was so focused on what $11,000 can do for their lives. It’s as if he won’t be able to earn that. I don’t want to sound too negative and feminist here, but hey, we can earn that huge money and even more than that, right?

So why sell someone who isn’t even your property? Why put your significant other in this situation?

This dude just puts a price tag on his love for the girl. And yeah, it’s just $11,000. PEOPLE ARE NOT FOR SALE! This made me so angry.

The social experiment ended with the woman agreeing to the deal. But I think she won’t come back anymore. And I hope she really didn’t return so she can find another man who will appreciate her true value.

This video showed me how money can manipulate people’s lives. Shouldn’t it be the opposite? We must be the ones controlling money, do you agree? We shouldn’t be sacrificing our people, especially the ones we love just to have something to put in our wallet.

The guy may argue that he did it for the benefit of their relationship. He mentioned they were planning to move together. But then again, there’s a lot of things you can do to save money for your future. And selling your girlfriend is not on the list.

So for every woman out there who’s in love or looking for love, please make sure that your partners love you and respect you the same way you do. Maybe have him watch the video below and check his reaction. If he agrees to what the guy in the social experiment did, well you know what to do.

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