How Much Will You Sell Your Girlfriend? This Man Did For $11,000


How much will you sell your girlfriend for? Or should I rephrase it and ask: Would you sell your girlfriend?

“Money is not the most important thing in the world. Love is. Fortunately, I love money” – Unknown

In this social media era, the internet is filled with social experiments that may or may not inspire us. Some of them are not likable or annoying.

And some bring huge smiles to our faces because of the kindness our people demonstrate to strangers. But this one video I am sharing today, I’m sure, will not tickle any woman’s happy hormones. Let me share what happened below.


The famous YouTuber Joey Salads challenged the magic of love once again and I guess he just broke a relationship. But his only goal here was to find out how much a man would sell his girlfriend.

So he went to a random couple on the street and dropped the question: “how much for your girlfriend?” Shocked by the query, the woman interrupted to say his boyfriend wasn’t interested in his offer. But she was wrong, the guy answered: “a million dollars.”

Joey, of course, couldn’t offer that huge amount for a social experiment. Therefore, he bargained if the boyfriend would “lend” his girlfriend for one thousand dollars.

Seeing the cold cash, the man had a change of mind. Earlier he answered a million dollars for a night with his girlfriend, but now he said: “it depends.”

Apparently, for one thousand dollars, the guy was ready to allow his partner to go with another man. What?! He just needed to know what they were going to do.

But the YouTuber made it clear that the date would also include sexual favors. To tell you honestly, I believe this is the point where things became awkward for the woman. So she turned her back and argued why her boyfriend was even discussing things like this with a stranger.

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