Man Called Google To Clear Himself Of Cheating On His Wife


A man named Randy who lives in Seattle had to call Google to prove his wife that he is not cheating. But, the multinational technology giant referred him to Verizon to clear things out. The cause of all these? An unusual Google Maps result.

Randy claimed that he has been a faithful husband. That’s why when his wife accused him of cheating because of an old Google Maps timeline, he had to clarify things. Even if that means confronting Google and Verizon about a wrong feed from the popular web map.

So here’s what happened. Wife checked Randy’s location back in 2014 through Google Maps on a computer. Unfortunately, she saw her husband’s track going to a bar rather than heading home.

She printed it out and of course, questioned Randy about it. But Randy is confident to say that it didn’t happen. So this man from Seattle believes that Google Maps is lying!


And to prove that, he needed to call Google and Verizon to get some clarification. But, the two companies were just pointing fingers on each other, according to Randy.

Randy needed help to prove his wife that he’s faithful guys! So he decided to call Kim of YouTube’s “The Kim Komando Show.” Luckily, the host was able to give him a clear explanation as to why Google Maps presented a different feed.

According to Kim, tracking of one’s location is not a science and also not 100 percent accurate. She explained the concept of cell phone triangulation, which could reveal inaccurate results. If you want to hear the full explanation, watch the video below.

“The Kim Komando Show” host also pointed that Randy and his wife need to go on a weekend vacation. This is because his wife was snooping on his mobile device’s feeds from 2014! This act, according to Kim, could mean that the wife is feeling something and needs some attention from her husband.

What about you? What advice can you give Randy? Do you believe he didn’t cheat? 


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