This Couple Should Remind You That Love Knows No Boundaries


“Love is all that matters faithful and forever. Keepin’ us together, love is all we need.” Like the song? Love is one if not the most important things in the world and this couple should remind you that it knows no boundaries.

An Arizona-based couple has hit the ultimate marriage goal after being together for years now despite the man’s disability. They showed the world that a person’s physical appearance is not a factor in determining who to love.

Sean Stephenson is born with a rare bone disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta or Brittle Bone Disorder. Unfortunately, there’s still no known cure for this illness.

Brittle Bone Disorder, as suggested by the name itself, is characterized by bones that could break easily. For this reason, people suffering from this genetic disease are too fragile, making them prone to multiple fractures in their lifetime.


In Stephenson’s case, the illness caused him to stop growing in height. He only stands at 2 feet and 8 inches tall. Also, he has multiple bone deformities, which may be due to the fractures his bones have been through from his childhood.

He even shared that when he was 18, he suffered from 200 fractures in his legs, arms, neck collar bone, femur, and nose. And he had to endure that all at the same time!

Stephenson, however, did not let his condition stop him from living a happy and meaningful life. In fact, he found himself a woman who would love him unconditionally.

His wife Mindie Kniss is one lovely girl who sees the beauty through Stephenson’s deformity. She appears to be enjoying her husband’s company and seems to love him so much. “It’s a joy to get to be married to this woman. Not a day goes by that I don’t tell her I love her,” said Stephenson in an interview. Who wouldn’t be happy to be with a man who loves you so much?

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