When Your Child Is Getting On Your Nerves, Leave; Here’s Why


Not all mothers are good at keeping their cool especially when children are in their toddler years. But studies say it’s important that parents learn how to pause or leave when the situation seems to be out of control. Here’s why.

When children are acting terribly, mothers tend to lose their temper. As a result, they resort to shouting to express their emotion. However, shouting is believed to significantly affect a child’s behavior negatively.

Apparently, research conducted by Pittsburg University found that children who were shouted at in their younger years present negative behaviors. These include anger, aggression, low self-esteem and display an inclination to depression. That being said, shouting at kids is suggested to have the same effect on kids as physical punishment.

So when you feel that the situation is so heated that you can’t control your emotions, leave the kid for a few minutes. Breathe in and out and relax your mind. Meditate as necessary to calm your nerves. Then, think of the best resolution to your problems.


You should know that shouting at your toddler will not help him/her control his/her emotions. Your kid might not be able to understand why you’re angry in the first place.

Which is why it is very important that you know when to pause. Leave if needed and feel no guilt. You can better educate your child about his wrong behavior when you have calmed down.

Don’t take you children’s actions personally. They are young. They may not know exactly what’s right from wrong. That’s why you should be there to guide them not to rant about what they did wrong.

So the next time your terrible twos, tantrum threes or fiendish fours get into your nerves, leave. Channel your inner peace and talk to them after the storm inside you has calmed down.

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