Learn How Your Hair Benefits From Co-Washing


In case you didn’t know, co-washing is the method of washing your hair with conditioner alone. It skips the shampooing process and gets straight to the smoothening and softening part. But how does your hair benefit from co-washing?

First, let’s discuss why people started the co-washing trend. Apparently, a number of studies revealed that shampoos are very damaging to hair when used regularly. For this reason, individuals, especially women, stopped the use of shampoos and wash their hair with conditioner instead.

So what can co-washing do to your hair? Well, conditioners reportedly contain some ingredients that can clean your hair. However, they’re not as much as what’s contained in shampoos. Therefore, conditioners can smoothen and soften your hair but can’t totally get rid of dirt, pollution and sebum buildup on your scalp.

If you won’t do anything to wash these icky substances away, then your head may start to smell in the long run. You might also have to deal with greasy hair strands and flat to dull hair, which is not appealing at all.


But maybe the best you can do is to wash your hair with water thoroughly before and after applying conditioner. This is if you want to continue your co-washing regimen. Or, you may also consider shampooing once a week.

Shampoos are way better than rebonding, perming or dyeing your hair. So shampooing couldn’t be too bad, don’t you think?

The information in this post is based on a YouTube video by Reactions. Click the video below to learn more about what chemicals can do to your hair. They also shared that DIY hair remedies can’t do more good for your hair without proper research. It’s really interesting so watch it now!

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