He Drove 10 Miles With A Koala Underneath His Wheels?

Koala bear pinned underneath a car wheel
Koala bear pinned underneath a car wheel

A man from Australia drove 10 miles without realizing that a little creature was stuck underneath his wheels. A koala from the wild had its grip so tight on the tire in fears of falling into an unfamiliar highway.

The Australian driver had the slightest idea that there’s a tiny wild animal trapped in his wheels after his long 10-mile trip. He only noticed that something must be in there when he stopped to park.

Apparently, he heard some little noises coming from below his vehicle when he parked the car. And to his surprise, two huge eyes were peeking from the inside of his wheel.

A koala tagged along an Australian driver's 10-mile trip
A koala tagged along an Australian driver’s 10-mile trip

Upon discovering that a koala traveled with him from 10 miles away, the man immediately called a wildlife rescuer. A responder from Fauna Rescue of South Australia’s Koala, Jane Brister, then arrived to help the scaredy animal.


As it appears, the koala has climbed and stuck itself into the car tire before the 10-mile trip. I can’t imagine the trouble he got himself into. A 10-mile journey is no joke especially if you’re just travelling from under the wheels!

According to Brister, she found the koala terrified and was hanging on tight on the wheel. For hours in that long 10-mile ride, it held on a piece of steel to stay alive. Poor koala bear. Hugs to you little fella.

Quickly, the animal rescuers unscrewed the wheel to recover the wild creature. Still scared about what’s happening, the koala was tightly pinned on the tire and was crying a little when they tried to pull it out.

Following the rescue, they immediately sent the animal for a vet checkup. They found that the koala suffered some minor bruises and wounds but it was fortunately fine. And after a week of observation, the koala finally returned to the wild.

The past week was too difficult for the koala. Running in circles through the downhill is quite traumatizing. It was really fortunate that he survived the journey and nothing serious happened to her.

Now, she’s back in the wild, toggling off the trees and snuggling on a bark. Her life has returned to normal. And hopefully, she won’t sneak back into a car tire ever again.

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