Farmer Kept Homeless Kittens And Found Out They Are Not Pets!

Pallas's Cats
Pallas's Cats or Manuls

A farmer found four homeless kittens and brought them home only to realize that they are not pets! They are rare species lost in Russia, waiting to be released in the wild.

The story I have for you today is quite similar to the “Ugly Duckling.” Of course, you can recall that children’s story!

In the book, there was a duckling that’s different from the rest of her siblings and even to her mom. She was sad and lonely for looking so ugly and incomparable to the rest of her species.

Similar to our today’s story, four little kittens were lost in a Russian farm seemingly looking for a home. So the good old man took them in and gave them shelter.


However, several days after feeding the kitties and caring for them, the farmer noticed something different. The cats are growing differently. By that, I mean just like the ugly duckling, they don’t look the same as the other kittens.

For this reason, the man went to veterinary experts so they can have a look at the animals. And he was shocked to find out the truth.

The vets at Daursky Nature Reserve said that what the farmer took home are not domestic or regular cats. They are a special and rare breed of felines called Pallas’s cats or Manuls. Not to mention they are wild animals that are native to Central Asia, which means that they don’t normally belong in a home.

Manul or Pallas's Cat
The Manul or Pallas’s cats.


And so the man left the kittens in the shelter for them to thrive. As newly born cats, they need to feed milk from a mother feline.

Fortunately for the Manuls, there were two shelter cats willing to feed and care for them. The mother felines offered their milk until the kittens reached optimum health.

Interestingly, the shelter cats eventually took the kitties like they were their own. But soon enough, the Pallas’s cats were released into the wild and are now adapting to their new environment.

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