Keeping Exes As Friends Could Mean You’re A Sociopath


Are you friends with your ex? It appears that there’s nothing wrong with being friendly with a former partner. But a YouTube post from “AnswersVideo” suggested that keeping exes as friends is a sign of being a sociopath.

Yes, you can’t easily forget a person you have been with for a long period of time. It’s hard to let go of the feelings and emotions especially if you were so good together.

But, be that as it may, you need to start anew and leave the past behind. And it also means stopping any form of communication with your ex.

If you are no longer connected with your former partner in any way, then you can’t be friends, right? Yet, there are still people who manage to keep the friendship and set the feelings aside. But is that normal?


Well, we can’t tell for sure. However, there’s a study from Oakland University, which claimed that becoming friends with your ex could mean you’re a sociopath. Why? Let’s see below.

The study found that people who remain friends with their exes are more likely to be sociopaths. This is because sociopaths tend to see a former lover as an object to be used. That said, those who wants to stay friendly with an ex is believed to be a candidate for the said disorder.

To further understand the correlation between a sociopath and an ex-friendly person, let’s first define what a sociopath is.  A sociopath is generally someone who has no conscience. A person who has a tendency to be violent too.

Furthermore, sociopathy can also result in self-centered and self-serving individuals. For this reason, sociopaths lack empathy. They will do whatever pleases them even if that means hurting people who care for them.

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