This Is Why You’ll Thank Yourself For Keeping Your Cats Inside Home At Night

Cats inside home
Cats should be kept inside home at night.

Our Siamese cat Mirella is well-loved in our family. Despite having another cat and two dogs, she always seemed to be the clear favorite. We don’t admit this to anyone else of course. Especially to my two dogs! But as usual with felines, they know when they’re the king, or in this case the queen, of a household.

Mirella has a unique personality. She’s demure and reserved as cats usually are but she has the adventurous and silly temperament of dogs! She always seemed to know what to do and we seldom had problems with her.


One fateful morning, all our pets were accounted for except for her. We searched every nook and cranny of our home for a glimpse of her smooth white fur to no avail. We were devastated. We asked our neighbors for any news on our pet. We posted on social media and created posters announcing she had gone missing.


One week passed and another, our hearts slowly tried to ease into accepting we had lost her. My mom was devastated. I was inconsolable. Mirella was a precious pet and in the snap of a finger, she disappeared.

I remember it was exactly 16 days since she went missing when lo and behold, I sleepily walked into our kitchen for an early breakfast, and there she was. Mirella was snoozing on one of the dining room chairs. She looked at me for a few seconds and then curled back into her soft body and continued her dream.

I screamed! Boy, did I scream! I grabbed her and hugged her and was overcome with happiness. I checked for any wounds, but generally, she was just dirty. And then I felt a wave of annoyance.

She looked happy to see me and acted as if she was just in the house the past days. She walked around our home as if nothing happened.

That’s when I realized cats could just roam in and out as they please with little regard for their concerned fur parents and families. I know Mirella cared about us but her sense of adventure and braveness led her to this week-long sojourn.

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