Is This The Kind Of Sister You Have?


A video published by YouTuber SevenAwesomeKids highlighted one of the most common concerns of the youngest among siblings. That is sometimes you are bullied by an elder sister.

Luella who happened to be the younger child, must follow her mean older sister as their mother had to leave the house.

Luella, however, found a way to get back at her in a very easy and simple way. If you are in her sister’s place, you wouldn’t want this to happen to you! You have to see it in the video!

Luella’s sister was acting so mean as she asked Luella to get her a magazine and something to eat. When Luella gave her a magazine and some biscuits, she requested for chocolate-flavored cookies. Luella, who had no choice but follow her orders, prepared some chocolate chip cookies but the older sister was still unsatisfied.


The older sister then asked for a drink without specifying what kind of drink she likes. When Luella gave her water, she asked for lemonade! Then, she went to disturb Luella’s TV time until she got tired and went up to her bed.

There, Luella saw her taking some selfies and the young girl just had a very witty idea on how to get back at her sister. She pretended that their mother is on the phone and asked her sister to go downstairs to attend to the call. As the bigger sister left her room, Luella broke into her older sibling’s iPhone and sent a wacky selfie to some of her sister’s friends.

There! Luella got her revenge! Some of you would surely relate on the sisterly bonding portrayed by Luella and her older sibling. I know there are many who have undergone this stage of sisterhood and turned out to be best pals when they grew up.

It’s even funny sometimes, to watch how kids grow up to be best of friends after being enemies in their childhood years. Did you enjoy this? Share it on Facebook now!


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