Is This How You Discipline Your Kids?

Is this how you discipline your kids?

How To Dad is back with another great video that you just have to see! We all know there are different techniques used by parents in disciplining kids.

It’s a hard task to discipline kids these days. Especially if they are in the stages when they start to discover things on their own and tend to ignore whatever you say. But How To Dad’s instructional video on the various methods in disciplining kids will surely put a smile on your face.

According to the video, you can make use of a wooden spoon to discipline your kids. How? Well, you just need to hold it in front of your child and ask them to start listening or else, he or she would have to bake you some goodies in the kitchen.

Then, you can also change the tone of your voice so you sound more serious. That way, you might get the attention of your child. As a result, the kid may start listening to you.


The next one is a favorite because it involves Santa Claus who everybody loves. Parents usually ask kids to be kind all year round so Santa will prepare a gift for them on Christmas day. And How To Dad did not forget to add that in his list.

Another all time favorite is the time-out chair or sofa. Parents usually have a specific time-out chair or place where they ask kids to stay if they have been bad. Have you tried this to your kids too?

If none of the above technique works, you can also try the “make them feel bad by crying a little bit” method of How To Dad. This technique requires you to cry a little so the kid will feel sorry for what she did. I don’t know if this works but you may want to give it a try!

But of course, the instructional video by How to Dad is meant for entertainment purposes. You may learn something from it but I guess the goal here is mainly to entertain. If you like the video, share this on your Facebook!


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